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Rising above the deep green and shimmering blue waters of Lago de Atitlán, and surrounded by lush hills, beautiful towns and three majestic volcanoes our lakefront hotel offers boundless opportunities for adventure, relaxation and exploration. Closer to the waterline, fishermen harvest their catch aboard traditional boats, while Kaqchiquel and Tz'utujil Mayan locals clad in bright, multi-colored garb sell their artisan handicrafts in town. It is easy to see why even the most seasoned travelers find this to be a land of almost unimaginable beauty!

Located in Panajachel, Sololá, Guatemala, Porta Hotel del Lago is as unique, friendly and warm as the region we call home. Here you’ll find a distinctivestory and character to every aspect of your stay. From cozy rooms with stunning lake views to gourmet Guatemalan cuisine to exhilarating recreation activities, the beauty of time spent with us is as much about forging a connection with the surrounding landscape as it is enjoying the graciousness of a staff that welcomes you as family.

Step out of the ordinary and discover the treasures of Panajachel and Lago de Atitlán: rich Colonial and pre-Columbian history, vibrant cultures and breathtaking natural wonders. Your explorations will be brilliantly rewarded at Porta Hotel del Lago.

Enjoy the best rates and conditions when you book your reservations directly through the Porta Hotel del Lago website.

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Distance:: 1.1 MI from hotel
Overhead View of Water

The ideal place for scuba diving in Lake Atitlán is Santa Cruz La Laguna. Lake Atitlán is considered the deepest in Central America (approximately 1,115 feet deep, but its total depth is unknown). It possesses spectacular underwater cliffs, the famous ancient under water Maya city of Samabaj, and rocky formations as well as deep thermal waters due to the volcanic nature of the lake.



Lake Atitlán is up to 7.5 miles wide and offers the ideal place for fishing black bass (known locally as mojarra), which weighs up to 4 kilograms. There are boats for rent at many locations on the lakeshore.

Hang Gliding and Paragliding

Aerea View

Depending on climate conditions, hang-gliding and paragliding are two of the most exciting activities in Atitlán. You can fly from San Jorge La Laguna or Santa Catarina  Palopo and admire the entire lake’s splendid landscape.

Kayaking, Water Skiing and Sailing

Kayak on Water

You will be able to rent a kayak in any place near the water to practice one of the most interesting sports on the lake. Consult the hotel’s reception desk for the best schedule. Waterskiing, Sailing and Windsurfing are among other water sports that are other exciting options. It is possible to find these services in Panajachel and Santa Cruz La Laguna.

Mountain and Volcano Hikes


The three volcanoes of Atitlán offer an excellent opportunity for mountain climbing. San Pedro volcano (3,020 m/9,900 ft) and Atitlán volcano (3,535 m/11,600 ft) provide a challenging ascent of a medium to difficult rating. The Tolimán volcano (3,158 m/10,360 ft) is currently closed due to improvements being made in its surroundings. Ask the reception desk of the hotel for more information.


Bird in Tree

The lake, with its local flora and fauna, is home to the many migratory bird varieties. You will be able to observe more than 50 bird species in the surroundings of Panajachel, inside coffee plantations or up in the cloudy hills. You might also spy the Horned Guan (Oreophasis dervianus), a local endangered species.


Bike on Top of Mountain

Explore the surroundings of Panajachel. You will find good prices of bicycles for rent in Calle Santander and the surrounding area. If you have your own bike and you like cycling, the tour on the lake road that passes through all the small towns around it is one of the most beautiful trips that Guatemala can offer. Mountain biking can also be practiced on the paths and slopes of  Santa Catarina Palopo and San Antonio Palopó as well as the other towns.

Boat Journeys

View of Water from Boat

Visiting the neighboring towns by boat is something that you cannot miss. You can discover vessels that offer a variety of rates and different hours at all the public docks and explore the 12 gorgeous and unique towns around Lake Atiltan, such as Santiago Atitlan and its one of a kind artists or visit San Pedro La Laguna for a great nature hike.

Religious Sites


You can participate in religious services and masses on Sundays in any church in the towns on the lake. One of the most popular places of worship is Santiago Atitlan due to its devotion to the image of Maximón, a local saint attributed to mystic powers.



Panajachel's Santander is famous for its many artisans along the street displaying their textiles, arts, woodcrafts, painting, jade and stone jewelry and souvenirs of all types. San Pedro La Laguna pottery is well known for its quality and beauty.

Porta Hotel del Lago

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