We are committed to comprehensive sustainability, and generate opportunities for accessibility and inclusion to lead your experience in a pleasant and unforgettable one

Public areas

We have ramps and railings at different points in the hotel that make mobility much easier

If for any reason, you cannot travel with your wheelchair, we have one at your disposal; you can request it before your arrival or at reception when you check in

All our staff is trained and available to assist you at the time you require it, please do not hesitate to contact us before your arrival, always is a pleasure to make your stay an unforgettable experience



We have two rooms suitable and equipped for people with some type of motor disability. They are located on first floor, have two double beds with adequate measures for comfort. The doors are wider, making them accessible to wheelchairs, bathrooms with handlebars on the walls, and mobile showers. The nightstand features modifications that allow easy access

Toilets are specially designed for people who use wheelchairs just like the sinks. If taking a shower requires extra support, we have plastic chairs available; if you need to use one, please call Reception dialing #9

Coffee tray on a work desk by the bed with a patio lounge at Porta Hotel del Lago
Bathroom interior featuring the ADA in a Hotel room at Porta Hotel del Lago
Entrance to an event space with tables & a screen at Porta Hotel del Lago
Receptionist by the entrance front desk at Porta Hotel del Lago
Slope by the restaurant entrance at Porta Hotel del Lago
Stool by the comfy bed in a Hotel room at Porta Hotel del Lago
Bathroom lavatory featuring ADA in a Hotel room at Porta Hotel del Lago